Tech tip: Special guest edition

Today's tips come from Stephanie, our director of communications, and Katrina, our case receiving coordinator.

They've seen it all when it comes to case submissions, and they have some friendly advice that could save you (and them) a lot of headaches:

  1. Write the tracking number in your patient's chart when you submit a case or send in materials. (The tracking number is printed on the UPS shipping label.)

  2. We won't start a case until we get all required materials (no exceptions):
    • Case submission form
    • Well-defined upper & lower impressions
    • Bite registration
    • Photos
    • X-rays

  3. Always include a form with your impressions, photos, and x-rays. It's not ClearCorrect's responsibility to figure out what to do with unidentified materials.

  4. Make sure you send in the correct, fully-completed form. All of our forms are available on ClearComm, and most of them have been updated recently, so you should make sure you have the current version. If you have questions about which form to use, how to fill it out, or how to log on to ClearComm, please call (888) 331-3323 and ask your account rep—that's what they're here for.

  5. Print clearly on the form and double-check the spelling of the patient's name.

  6. One case submission per box, please.

  7. If you email photos or x-rays, always include the doctor's and patient's names. Make sure that the photos and x-rays are sent as attachments instead of pasted into the middle of the message.

That's it for this week. Until next time...

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