Tech tip: Upcoming changes to case submission

We're always looking for ways to eliminate problems that can hold up the case submission process.

Rejected impressions used to cause a lot of delays, but we solved that problem by accepting most impressions and letting you evaluate them yourself using Phase Zero.

In the next few weeks, we'll be making a few more small policy changes that should streamline things even further. Keep an eye out for these:

1. Uploaded photos required for online submissions

We already recommend that you submit your cases online. When you do, you can also upload your digital photos. Right now, you have an option to send photos with the impressions instead of uploading them to our website.

Unfortunately, sometimes doctors select that option but then forget to send photos. This is actually the #1 cause of case submission delays right now. To correct this problem, we'll soon be requiring uploaded photos with each online case submission.

2. Online payment method management

The #2 cause of hangups right now is that some doctors haven't authorized us to automatically charge their credit card or checking account when they submit a case. We have to call and get someone to read us numbers over the phone for every case. Soon, you'll be able to update your credit card or checking account information right on ClearComm, and you'll choose & authorize your payment method when you submit.

3. Automatically prescribing default treatment options

The #3 cause of delayed cases is incomplete submission forms. If a doctor doesn't fill in every treatment option, we have to call and ask for a new form. This isn't a problem on the website, because the most common treatment options are selected by default unless you change them.

To fix this problem, we plan to start processing handwritten forms more like the website; if you leave some treatment options blank, we'll assume that you want us to handle the case with our default options (the ones highlighted in green on the form). We've updated our forms with new wording to reflect this change.

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