Tech tip: treatment setup troubleshooting

If you're experiencing trouble viewing the treatment setup, take a look at the following troubleshooting guide. Also, remember that the loading time of the treatment setup may vary depending on the speed of your computer. While the left side of the screen says, "loading", keep an eye on the progress bar below the model to see how much longer you have to wait.

As a reminder, the new treatment setups cannot yet be viewed on Apple mobile devices, like the iPad or iPhone.

If you cannot view the treatment setup even after downloading and installing the required Adobe software, try the following:

1. Open up the treatment setup again for this patient. Once it has loaded go to the top, click “Edit”, then select “Preferences”


2. Once the new window has opened, select “3D & Multimedia”


3. Once that has been selected, under “Preferred Renderer” select “DirectX 9”


4. Then, under “Optimization Scheme for Low Framerate,” select “None”


5. Click “OK,” close the Adobe Reader program. Then reopen the treatment setup.

This should get it working. If this process helped you get your treatment setups displaying properly, let us know! 

While we're on the subject...

If the models occasionally flicker, you can fix it by adjusting your settings. In Adobe Reader, go to Preferences > 3D & Multimedia and change Optimization Scheme for Low Framerate to None.


Until next time, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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