Tech Tip: Video - How to Submit a Case

As you're probably aware, you no longer have to pay for a case before you submit it.

We've released an updated version of our video, How to Submit a Case, to cover this and other changes. Check it out:

Evals are dead; long live evals

You may have seen that the old Case Evaluation and Eval + Setup options are no longer available. If you liked this service, choose Recommend a Case Type instead. You'll get a much more accurate evaluation for free, including 3D models and an exact step count. You do need to submit all required records for this service (including impressions or scans)—we aren't assessing cases based only on photos.


As a reminder, photos from these eight angles are required for every case:

  • Full face (smiling)
  • Full face (not smiling)
  • Profile (not smiling)
  • Upper occlusal view
  • Lower occlusal view
  • Right lateral view
  • Left lateral view
  • Front view

If you have any questions, check our Help Center, or contact one of our support reps, who are eager to assist you with anything you need.

Until next time…

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