We're moving!

Green VW microbus with ClearCorrect logo on the side and boxes strapped to the roof

The big day has finally arrived. We're moving our headquarters and production to a larger facility, starting this Friday, March 18.

How much larger is it? Right now, all of our offices and manufacturing facilities are squeezed into about 8,000 square feet. It's kind of like those sample apartments at IKEA, without all the nifty Scandinavian furniture.

Our new two-story headquarters covers 3.5 acres, giving us about seven times as much office and manufacturing space. (Our entire current facility would fit into one of our three new manufacturing bays.) We'll have plenty of room to hire more account reps and expand our production capabilities, which we expect will lead to quicker, better, more reliable service.

ClearCorrect headquarters

We're still in Houston, but naturally our address has changed.

Our new address is:
15151 Sommermeyer St.
Houston, TX 77041-5332

Fortunately, we've just added a new feature to ClearComm: now you can print your own shipping labels online! The days of calling and waiting for an emailed or faxed label are over. Log on to dr.clearcorrect.com to print free, updated shipping labels the next time you submit a case. If you've never used ClearComm before, we'll be sending you your username and password soon.

We've moved: print new shipping labels here.

If you've recently shipped packages to our old address (5200 Mitchelldale St.), don't worry. We'll continue to receive packages sent with the old labels for a while to come, but in the future, you'll get the quickest results by shipping to our new address.

Our phone number remains the same (888-331-3323), although some extensions may change at the new facility. We will be closed on Friday, but we should be back up and running next Monday morning. We can't tell you how excited we are to finally be making this move.

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