What's new in 2013

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday break.

The new year is an opportunity for patients to reinvent themselves with a new smile, and it's a great time for doctors to try something new as well. With that in mind, let's take a look at…

What's new in 2013

We said they were coming, and now they're here: ClearCorrect’s new treatment options.

To refresh your memory, the new treatment options are:

  • Limited 6
  • Limited 12
  • Unlimited

Case evaluations are also available if you need a little help getting started, as are standalone retainers.

From here on out, all new cases will be processed as one of these case types: Limited 6 is a super-affordable option for minor anterior adjustments and ortho relapses. Limited 12 is great for cases with a couple of millimeters of crowding or spacing to correct. And Unlimited is the most flexible, no-worries option you can get: as many aligners as you need until the case is closed.

The fine print

The full details of the policies and pricing for these cases are spelled out in our updated terms & conditions. I know it's probably hard to imagine anything more boring, but you really should take a few minutes to look them over. They apply to all cases, not just new cases submitted in 2013.

We've clarified a few policies regarding how long cases can remain open. For instance, cases will be automatically closed after 180 days of inactivity—if it's been almost six months since you got your patient's last phase, time may be running out to request a final retainer or a revision.

Also, case revisions must be submitted within 3 years of the original submission. If you have any patients who started treatment back in 2009 and then drifted off without wrapping things up, it's too late to start the case back up and request refinements now. (We will still ship any already-planned and paid-for phases for older cases, even if they're 3 years old.)

If your patient hasn't been wearing aligners for a while and falls into one of these categories, your best option for doing a little touchup treatment is going to be to submit a brand-new Limited 6 case. (See, we told you they're good for ortho relapses.)

You might also notice a minor change we've made to our payment processing. We used to wait to charge lab fees until we had received all required records (photos, impressions, etc.). We're now charging the lab fee as soon as cases are submitted. We've updated our sample timeline to reflect this change.

Thank you again for being ClearCorrect providers. We can't say it enough. Together, we'll make this our best year yet. Until next time…

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