ClearCorrect Wiki is now open!

Good news! The ClearCorrect Wiki is now open to all providers. 

The ClearCorrect Wiki is a comprehensive guide to every component of being a ClearCorrect provider: the ClearCorrect basics, submitting a case, managing your cases, and building your practice as a ClearCorrect provider. It has step-by-step guides, definitions, how-to's, and a big ol' FAQ section.

If you have any questions about the basics of clear aligner therapy, how to perform IPR, our shipping schedule, or you simply need help approving your treatment setup - it's all here!

The Wiki is available 24/7, so that you can learn and find answers at any time: on your home computer, on your smart phone or tablet, or in your practice before an appointment. A link to the Wiki is located on your ClearComm sidebar, so it's never been easier to find the right information -- right when you need it.

A big thank you goes out to all the hard-working ClearCorrect staff members who made this amazing resource available! Please let us know what you think!

Chewies to the rescue! On sale now.

Sometimes, aligners fit perfectly but leave a small gap between them and the teeth. This can occur when intruding and extruding teeth, or when a new patient tries on their first pair of aligners. We now carry a tried and true product to help you and your patient solve this issue!


Chewies™ help patients improve the fit of their aligners and close gaps, both inside and outside of the doctor's office. By chewing on these reusable plastic rolls, patients help their aligners seat while relieving any tension or discomfort caused by a fresh set of aligners.

Chewies come pre-packaged in handout-friendly sets of two. We recommend distributing Chewies to your patients at each fitting appointment, or including a large bag with the price of treatment.

To order a bag of twenty Chewies for $10, call your account rep at (888) 331-3323

Coming soon: ClearCorrect Wiki

Mastering the secrets of laser markings isn't all we've been up to. We're putting the final touches on the ClearCorrect Wiki, and we think you're gonna love it. It's a lot like Wikipedia, except it's devoted to anything and everything ClearCorrect.

The Wiki is a comprehensive guide to every component of being a ClearCorrect provider - the ClearCorrect basics, submitting a case, managing a case, and building your practice as a provider. It has step-by-step guides, how-to's, definitions, explanations of key concepts and a big ol' FAQ section.

You can look up IPR instructions during an appointment, review your knowledge of clear aligner therapy, or find help filling out any of our forms.

Best of all, it'll be available 24/7, just a click away on your ClearComm sidebar. Simple as that.

We'll let you know as soon as the Wiki and all our other new features will be available!

Free two-day shipping for all new online case submissions

We improved our shipping label tracking last week, and as a side effect, a lot of folks realized that they’ve been getting something for free that they were really supposed to be paying for. Hey, we’re cool like that. Unfortunately, all good loopholes must come to an end.

As explained in our terms & conditions and our product list, the following shipping charges are included in your up-front costs:

  • one shipment to us to submit impressions for a new case
  • shipments to you for all included phases (including Phase Zero & retainers)

These shipping costs are not included in the lab fee:

  • additional shipments to us (such as new impressions for midcourse corrections)
  • shipments to you of replacement aligners
  • a one-time surcharge for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and offshore territories

This isn’t a new policy—we just haven’t been enforcing it very strictly. Now that we’re tracking what each shipping label is for, people can no longer print unlimited shipping labels for free. The days of walking into clubs and “making it rain” with UPS Ground shipping labels are over. (We’re looking at you, Dr. Harold “Mad Grillz” MacPhearson of Omaha, Nebraska.)

However, there is some sugar sprinkled on this donut of disappointment, and boy is it sweet:

First of all, we’re upgrading all new online case submissions to 2nd-day air shipping at no extra charge. (If you’re close to our headquarters in Houston, your impressions might still be sent via Ground if the estimated delivery time is the same or quicker.) For folks who are further away, this will shave days off your turnaround time. Just submit a case on ClearComm, and an upgraded shipping label will be generated automatically. (This change doesn’t affect aligners, which are still shipped via UPS Ground.)

Secondly, if you’re not comfortable submitting online yet, you can still get free Ground shipping labels for handwritten case submissions. Just call or email your account rep, and we’ll email or fax you a label, just like old times.

If you need shipping labels to send us anything else, print your own labels on ClearComm and take advantage of our lower shipping rates and tracking on ClearComm.

On a related note, we have heard that some doctors have had trouble uploading photos when submitting online. While we improve the photo uploading page, we’re temporarily allowing doctors to skip that step and include photos in the submission box if they have problems. If you can upload your photos, please do—it’s quicker and more accurate than matching up physical prints.

Finally, this should probably go without saying, but don’t use shipping labels more than once. If you print multiple copies of a shipping label and use them to ship multiple packages, UPS will get all confused, and there’s no telling what will happen to your valuable submission. If you need to reprint a label for legitimate reasons, it is possible. Go to the Shipments page on ClearComm, show your shipments “to ClearCorrect”, and click “Details” next to the label you want to reprint. A pop-up window will appear with tracking information and an option “View/Print Label”.

Zendura available at 25% off for ClearCorrect providers

Do you have a pressure-forming machine like a BioSTAR, MiniSTAR, Drufomat, or Drufosmart?

Would you like to make aligners in your own office with the same industry-leading aligner material that ClearCorrect uses?

You're in luck. Zendura is now available for purchase from your account rep.

This is the finest material you can buy for making clear aligners. The best doesn't come cheap: Zendura costs $4 per sheet direct from the manufacturer. However, we've negotiated a discount exclusively for ClearCorrect providers. When you order material through us, you'll get 25% off.

Most doctors aren't ready for this industrial-strength material—for them, we still offer standard orthodontic plastic. However, if you're one of the elite few with serious pressure-forming equipment, and you'll settle for nothing less than the best, email or call your account rep to order Zendura. You'll be one of the first doctors in the world with the capability to create factory-quality aligners & retainers in your own office.

All promo material prices reduced 50% or more

Brochures, posters, banners, and DVD’s can all get your patients asking about ClearCorrect. So now we're making them as affordable as we possibly can:

  • 25-pack of brochures: $5 (formerly $10)
  • Small brochure holder: $5 (formerly $15)
  • Large brochure holder & insert: $10 (formerly $20)
  • Patient DVD: $5 (formerly $10)
  • Standard banner: $60 (formerly $120)
  • Custom banner: $75 (formerly $150)
  • Posters: Free (formerly $10)

You can check them all out on ClearComm or on this updated price list:

ClearCorrect Promotional Materials Price List

Just email or call your account rep at (888) 331-3323 to order. Let us know if you want us to charge your card on file, or use a different payment method.

New free posters

We’ve designed some great new posters for you to hang up around your office.

They're conveniently sized at 18" x 24" to fit standard frames. Best of all, we’re offering them absolutely free to providers. You'll only pay shipping & handling (usually $5.95 per shipment).

First, we have updated versions of our classic posters featuring models Sydney, Savon, and Brianna:

ClearCorrect posters: Sydney, Savon, Brianna

We also have a set of brand-new posters: Case Types (featuring before & after photos, by popular demand), How Does It Work? (a brief introduction to clear aligners), and Simple (an eye-catching minimalist design).

ClearCorrect posters: Case Types, How Does It Work?, Simple

Finally, we have two special posters explaining the Phase Out program. Your patients will feel great knowing that they (and you) are supporting a great cause:

ClearCorrect posters: Phase Out (Kids), Phase Out (Closeup)

As I said before, all of these posters are available now for free. Order one, all eight, or more—we’ll squeeze as many as we can into one poster tube.

Email or call your account rep at (888) 331-3323 to order. (We can charge your account for shipping & handling on request.)

Sneak peek at Zendura® aligner material

ClearCorrect Trimming Kit

Here's something we can whole-heartedly endorse (and get financial compensation for): the ClearCorrect Trimming Kit.

For $90, the kit includes all the supplies you need to make your own replacement aligners in your office: 10 plastic sheets, a steel wheel saw, crown & bridge scissors, and 10 abrasive buff polishers.

Our kits have always included .030" sheets of Biocryl™ plastic. It works great. In fact, it's one of the best materials available for making aligners with a vacuum-former (the most common type of thermoforming machine in dental offices).

We've never talked much about the material we use ourselves here at ClearCorrect, and we've never offered it for sale. This is partly because it wasn't packaged for individual sale, and partly because it requires a more advanced pressure-forming machine such as the BioSTAR, MiniSTAR, Drufomat, or Drufosmart.

Today we can reveal that the material ClearCorrect uses to make our aligners (and retainers) is called Zendura®. It's an advanced polymer that was developed by Bay Materials specifically to balance the properties needed for clear aligners: strength, ductility, chemical resistance, clarity, and stress relaxation resistance. It's significantly more crack-resistant and stain-resistant than traditional PETG-based plastics. We believe that this is the most effective material ever developed for making clear aligners.

We're not offering Zendura for sale just yet, but we do have a limited supply of individually foil-wrapped samples available. If you have a pressure-forming machine, let us know when you order a Trimming Kit, and we'll include a free "sneak-peek" sample of this advanced material while supplies last. We'd love to hear how it works in your office.

You can contact your account rep to order at (888) 331-3323.

You've trimmed your tree, now try Trimming Kits!

Make this the best Christmas ever by sharing the timeless gift of ClearCorrect Trimming Kits.

ClearCorrect Trimming Kit

Trimming Kits make perfect stocking stuffers for all your friends & family!

What better way to say “I love you” than with the gift of abrasive buff polishers?

Just imagine the smile on little Timmy's face as he fabricates his very first replacement aligner.*

To celebrate the season, we're offering the Trimming Kit for just $75 until the end of 2011—that's over 15% off the regular price!

The kit includes all the supplies you need to make your own replacement aligners quickly & easily in your own office:

  • 10 .030" plastic sheets
  • 1 steel wheel saw
  • 1 pair of crown & bridge scissors
  • 10 abrasive buff polishers
  • How to make your own aligners instruction sheet

To order, just email your account rep or call us at (888) 331-3323.

Happy holidays, everybody!

*Easy-Bake Thermoformer sold separately. Keep out of reach of children without valid dental license.

Postcard options now available

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to promote your practice. To help you with this, we have designed a variety of postcards you can mail to your client base, letting them know you are open for business.

We can print your preference and either mail them back to you, or mail them to your database. By default, your practice information will be displayed on the back. Beyond that, there are limited customization options available. Additional fees will apply. 

Check out the examples below, or head on over to the store for more options.





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