ClearCorrect patient review: Mercedes Flores

Dr. Andres Ramirez and his patient Mercedes Flores recently sat down with us to discuss Mercedes' treatment and overall ClearCorrect experience.

ClearCorrect patient review: Gerald Blackman

Dr. Thomas Watkins and his patient Gerald Blackman recently sat down with us to discuss Gerald's treatment and overall ClearCorrect experience.  

ClearCorrect patient review: Connie Hansen

Dr. Mason Jones and his patient Connie Hansen recently sat down with us to discuss Connie's treatment, results, and overall ClearCorrect experience.  

Before and after photos

Dr. Mason Jones recently sent us these photos of his patient's succesful progress through treatment, along with a testimonial. Check it out!


"Connie's treatment couldn't have been any smoother. After discussing her concerns and what she hoped we could achieve, we took some photos, made some impressions and got started. I had originally projected 24 months for her to wear the aligners, but in reality, her teeth moved much quicker than we expected...16 months! Connie was thrilled. And, with tears in her eyes, she told us how much her life was changed by the orthodontic treatment. Seeing her so happy with her new smile has been one of the best feelings ever."

Thanks, Dr. Jones! To submit before and after photos of your patient's treatment results, contact us at

Interview with Dr. Joshua Jones

We went out to New Orleans a few weeks ago to talk to one of our favorite orthodontists, Dr. Joshua Jones. Maybe our best interview yet. Thanks, Dr. Jones!

New patient interview

We've told you about a few recent interviews with ClearCorrect providers. Now we're adding patients to the mix. Meet Tom Kretzschmar:

Tech tip: Smörgåsbord of helpfulness

You might call this week's tech tip "a random mish-mash of helpful tidbits."

Keep in touch!

First, if you've been visiting our YouTube channel or this blog recently, you'll notice we've posted lots of new stuff over the past month or so. This blog is a great place to see all sorts of news and tech tips, from the very-recent to the relatively-old (while we're thinking about it, our Facebook page ain't half-bad, either).

Lately, we've been talking to some of our hometown doctors to see what they think of our product and our service. The latest of these was Dr. Annette Murphy of Smile Dental Arts. (Spoiler alert: Marvin's true identity is revealed.)

Completing cases

When you get to the last aligner in the last planned phase of your patient's treatment, it's time to evaluate the patient's dentition.

If you or the patient aren't happy, you'll probably want to request a refinement. If you have unused phases remaining, there's no extra charge for refinements (although you will be responsible for the cost of shipping any new impressions to us). Just send us a refinement form to let us know what needs to be changed.

If you and your patient are satisfied with the treatment, please let your account rep know so we can send you the final retainer and close the case. If you never request a retainer, the case might just hang in limbo indefinitely.

We're working on streamlining this process, but for now, if your last phase is finished or about to finish, please contact your account rep and let us know whether you're ready for the retainer.

Also, please let us know if your patient gets behind schedule so we don't waste your phases delivering aligners that you're not ready for. We can put your case on hold and start it back up whenever you're ready.

Marketing: kicking it up a notch

Finally, we've recently had a couple of doctors tell us that they have dozens of case submissions coming up. We looked into it, and those doctors had recently run very successful Groupon promotions.

We've seen doctors run Groupon promotions before that didn't turn out so hot, so we thought you'd like to know what worked in this instance:

  • One doctor offered limited cases (with some tubes of tooth whitening solution) for 50% off.
  • One doctor offered full cases for 55% off.

That's about it. They were simple offers and they seem to have worked well for these doctors.

We don't have any relationship with Groupon, so we're not endorsing them specifically. (Honestly, I can't even get anyone at Groupon to answer the phone. They need some Katys & Marvins over there.)

We're just passing along something that seems to have worked well. If you do decide to run a promotion with a site like Groupon, make sure they get the product details right. We've seen some descriptions that barely resemble what you get in a Full or Limited case. You can always double-check the descriptions on the Product List.

That's it for this week. Until next time...

Interview with Dr. MaryKaren Matt

Thanks to Dr. MaryKaren Matt for sitting down with us recently to chat about ClearCorrect.

Interview with Dr. Dale Brant

Dr. Dale Brant was kind enough to sit down with us earlier this month and chat for a few minutes about ClearCorrect.

We shot this video with our Nikon D3100 digital SLR instead of our usual professional video camera, and we were really impressed with how it turned out.

On a completely unrelated note, if anybody's interested in buying an awesome and totally not obsolete Panasonic AG-HVX200AP camcorder with tons of accessories, please let us know in the comments.