Tech Tip: Clear aligner therapy with Dr. Melissa Shotell

This week we're serving up content from ClearCorrect provider Dr. Melissa Shotell - who was both interviewed and published recently by Dental Product Shopper.

First up we have a case study that looks at a case with 3D scans treated by Dr. Shotell:

A 20-year-old female who was concerned with traumatic occlusion to her anterior teeth presented for an orthodontic consultation. The patient had limited overbite and overjet with mild spacing in the lower incisors. Additionally, the patient had a strong preference for clear aligners...

Next, check out the recent interview that was done by Dental Product Shopper:

“I was looking for flexibility to place and remove attachments throughout treatment to give detailed movements,” said Dr. Shotell. “I also wanted to be able to make modifications throughout the treatment process and order aligners as needed. The Unlimited case from ClearCorrect gives me this flexibility.”

Hungry for more? You're in luck! Dr. Shotell has a full-day hands-on workshop coming up in Philadelphia, PA. Register today to learn more from this leader in clear aligner therapy! 

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